Buying Natural Stone Slab in Toronto: What You Need to Know Before Purchase

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Buying Natural Stone Slab in Toronto: Before You Buy

The use of natural stone in home design makes an artistic and personal statement. Every piece is different, and choosing which slab to use, as well as where and how to use it, is half the creative fun. Natural stone will give your house a lift for years to come. So, once you’ve made the choice to use stone, there are a few things to consider before you purchase  natural stone slab in Toronto.

Choosing Your Stone

There are many lovely natural stone materials that are suited for interior design elements. Each comes with different properties and looks. Some are suited to high-use areas, such as kitchen countertops, while others are better in low-traffic areas.
  • Granite: hard, durable and perfect for kitchen countertops; comes in many colours and patterns.
  • Marble: elegant, warm, softer than granite and more porous. Has a tendency to show more wear, but ages well. Great for pastry stations, kitchen islands, bathrooms and around fireplaces.
  • Limestone: available in a variety of textures. Suited for fireplace mantles, flooring and outdoor tabletops.

Choosing Your Slab

Once you’ve decided what kind of stone you want to use and where you are going to use it in your home, find a reputable dealer that specializes in natural stone. Look for a showroom that has a wide variety of large samples that will give you an idea of tone and design. However, once you’ve decided on the kind and colour of stone you want, be sure you see the actual slab you are purchasing. Being a natural material, every piece is unique, and some patterns or colours can vary quite dramatically.

Working with a Fabricator

So, you’ve found that perfect slab for your kitchen countertop and have decided exactly where the sink should be placed; now what happens? You will need to start working with a fabricator. Most contractors, designers or kitchen experts will have a fabricator that they like to work with. The fabricator will have the equipment and skill to cut and install the heavy stone slabs.

What Kind of Edging?

If you are using a natural stone slab as a counter or tabletop, you’ll want to consider what kind of edging you want. For a clean look, design website Houzzrecommends a basic square profile. A mitered edge can make the slab look thicker, while a bullnose or rounded edge gives a timeless classic look. There are many edges to consider; make sure whatever edge you choose fits in with your overall design look.


Your slab of natural stone should be sealed to protect it from stains and scratches. Speak to your natural stone expert about which sealant to use, as some may slightly change the tone of lighter colours. Most types of stone need to be resealed yearly.


Consider what finish you want on your natural stone slab. Granite can be polished to a high gloss, which is perfect for a gleaming countertop. However, if you are using stone for a bathroom floor, a glossy polish will be too slippery. A honed or matte finish is another option.
All these creative details should be considered before you purchase natural stone slab for your Toronto home.